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September Loves

I know everyone has been saying it, but September really flew by. I think my problem is, Summer doesn’t end until Labor Day, and September doesn’t really start until Labor Day, even if it’s a week in, like this year. I have a short list for September favorites, since I counted my August favorites up to Labor Day. Once Football season begins, I turn into a couch potato on the weekends, and I haven’t been able to return to work yet, so I only have 7 favorites for the month of September.


CHANEL- Teint Innocence Cream to Powder Compact Foundation SPF 10

This has got to be my HG foundation, that I just discovered 9 months ago. I never could find the right foundation for my skin. Liquid is a little too heavy for everyday wear, and powder is too light. My skin is on the drier side, so I was always on the hunt for a cream-to-powder that would last, not cake, and look natural. My mom started using this foundation, and loved it. Since we have similar skin, I figured why not give it a try. I was very skeptical at first, and was waiting to be disappointed, as always. One day, turned into 1 week, which now turned into 98 months. I recently hit pan on my first compact, and am now on my second. That’s right… one compact lasted about 8 months. I love the creamy texture of it, the way it glides on with a stippling brush, easy touch ups, and it’s very build-able without caking. It only has SPF 10, so I use a moisturizer with higher SPF before applying. I normally don’t wear primer with it (only for big events) and it doesn’t settle in lines. It’s medium coverage, so I still need to use my MUFE concealer over it in certain spots at times, but for everyday wear, it’s perfect.


Too Faced- Lip Insurance Lip Primer

I’m all about bold lips right now; purples, oranges, bright pinks… What good is a bold lip though, without primer? I’ve tried foundation/concealer, and it changes the color of the lip product a bit (especially when wearing orange). Lip liner can only do so much, and it’s a bit drying. I apply this while I’m doing my eyes, so it has time to absorb. Once it’s set I like to apply a sheer lip stain, liner, and then color of choice. My lip products don’t feather or budge, and it’s packed with Vitamin E, s they stay hydrated.


Stila- All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Cat and winged eye liner looks are all the rage right now. I love my gel liner, and creamy pencils, but they aren’t the easiest to work with when trying to create one of these bold looks. I don’t have the steadiest of hands, so liquid liner brushes tend to be an enemy of mine. I walked around Sephora one day with one of the sales ladies and kept swatching my hand over and over with different liquid liners. I quickly learned that felt tip markers are easier to work with than a brush, I also learned that if it’s not waterproof, it will run, and cause raccoon eyes.  So after about an hour, i finally picked the Stila. I still need to use my gel liner to tight-line, and on my waterline, since it is a liquid, but the end results are gorgeous.


Sephora- Duo Eyelash/Brow Comb

I have about 6 different eyelash combs. One in my wallet, my makeup bag, my boyfriend’s car… There is nothing more annoying that a tiny eyelash getting rubbing against your eye ball AFTER you’ve spent 20 minutes on a smoky eye!!!!!! I actually use the brow comb to fix those tiny lashes without messing up my mascara. The eye lash comb is perfect for separating lashes after applying lash primer, or after mascara; as long as the lashes are still wet.


L’Occitaine- Shea Butter Hand Cream

When I used up the last possible drop of my beloved Clarins hand cream, and couldn’t find the smaller bottle anywhere, I was heartbroken! I needed to find a small, easy to use bottle, that fit in my purse. Somehow I stumbled upon the L’Occitane shea butter hand cream, and was impressed. I found it a little greasier than my Clarins, but the light scent of almonds and coconut is winning me over.


Givenchy- Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara

Don’t let that little ball scare you, it’s amazing! It separates, defines, curls, and gets all those itty bitty lashes in the corner that are so hard to get with a regular wand. I’ve been using their mascara since it came out 2 years ago. I’ve tried all the versions, and was ecstatic when I heard about the waterproof version. I prefer waterproof mascara, because you never know what life might throw out you; rain, snow, happy tears, or onion cries while cooking. That being said, a lot of waterproof formulas, just aren’t that great, well they suck. The volume and curl just isn’t the same, probably why I love the Givenchy so much. It’s not really waterproof, more like water-resistant. Can’t go swimming in it, but it doesn’t budge with light tears, or rain. Double this mascara with a lash primer, and you will have “Phenomen’Eyes”!!!!


Urban Decay- Brow Box

My two biggest pet peeves when it comes to eye makeup are; not tight-lining and unfinished brows. Non tight-lined eyes look strange, and so do unfinished brows. I’m known to skip a threading appointment every once in a while, but I always fill-in my brows. It brings the look together. Sometimes I use a matte brown shadow, or an eyebrow pencil (those can be too precise and heavy though), but they are almost always done. I love this little box UD put together. It comes with 2 matte shades, and angled application brush, tiny tweezers, and wax. I find the brush to be a little stiff, so I only use it when traveling, but the tweezers surprisingly work well. The two shades are a contrasting in color, so it takes a little time to achieve the desired look. What I love most about this box (besides the portability) is the wax. I’ve only used brow gel before, and hate how hard and shiny my brows end up. This wax is perfect for keeping the hairs in place, without looking like you have anything on them. I just wish they cut down on the amount of wax, and added a brow comb, then little box would really have everything.


~ All of these items I purchased myself at Sephora, or Nordstrom. Some of these items can also be found at your Department Store beauty counter, Ulta, or the brand’s websites. These are my honest opinions on the products, they all work well with my skin, but you may not get the same results.

  • habbott2

    I’ve always wanted to try out the Lip Insurance as my lipsticks fade away within an hour or too no matter what I do! Does it dry your lips out? That’s a major issue I have with most lip primers…


    • http://profiles.google.com/danusia522 daniela chernichenko

      Not too much. I normally exfoliate my lips first, then apply the primer, let it set, then my lip products. I wear more stains than glosses, and those can be drying too.

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